Training Modules

  A Range of Rurally Correct Programmes

Programmes in Face - to - Face Mode
ANSSIRD normally offers 50 - 60 training programmes annually in the "face -to- face" mode, catering to about 20 - 25 participants in each programme. Training in this mode also include ToT(Training of Trainers) programmes designed to cultivate a"cascade effect" of development of local areas.
Computer Training
ANSSIRD runs courses in routine computer applications for development functionaries; and specialized courses in areas such as internet, browsing, networking and project management for people with basic computer knowledge.
Research & Documentation
Research and Documentation ANSSIRD undertakes assignments involving field studies, research and elavation from agencies in India and abroad, and develops technical and generic manuals and compendiums in rural management.
Collaborative Events
ANSSIRD organizes seminars and conferences at state and notional level on a variety of empowerment and development themes, and holds regular consultative workshops and media-sensitization programmes.
Publishing in Print & Electronic Media
ANSSIRD produces training modules & booklets, and wall newspapers & charts; as well as films, multimedia CD-ROMs & audio cassettes; apart from street plays & songs to communicate diverse themes of rural development in the regional language.
Satellite Based Interactive Training Programme (SB-ITP)
ANSSIRD has received wide acclaim for sucessfully offering a Satellite Based Interactive Training Programme for over 85,000 elected representativies from all teirs of PRIs across Karnataka. The institute has become a leading resource centre for distance education and has built a unique training model by blending technology with the essence of face -to- face learning, complemented by programmes of community mobilization and continuing education. A number of development departments including agriculture, horticulture, health, education , watershed development( world bank project Sujala) , and drinking water and sanitation( the world bank project Jalnirmal) have utilized the institute's SATCOM facility and satellite-based training expertise effectively for their outreach programmes.